Learn engaging, easy to follow, student-friendly strategies for teaching ECRs, editing, revising, and more!

This course will...

*Decrease the stress and frustration of teachers by giving helpful step-by-step strategies.

*Close gaps and grow students!

*Make teachers feel empowered, prepared, and confident.

*Engage and motivate students while creating avid readers and writers.

Course Format...

*Course Curriculum will be on-demand with video lessons, PDFs, slides, discussion questions, and even a few FREEBIES!

*Take the course on your time when it is convenient for you, and you can access lessons as many times as you want for as long as you want! You have LIFETIME ACCESS!!

*Not only that, but I will be updating the course over time (at the bottom - under "BONUSES") with new topics & freebies!

Who is the course for?

*3rd grade to English II reading and writing teachers, coaches, curriculum coordinators, and administrators!

What teachers are saying about the course....

"The course is great! I think you have an abundance of ideas, strategies, examples. Great information, clear and concise. I feel so relieved about teaching 3rd grade ELAR now that I took this course."

"I enjoyed watching the students at work and explaining their responses."

"I like the station ideas and how to help our below grade level students."

"I love the resources and the videos you showed using real life examples from your classroom."

ECR Course highlights...

Module 1: ECR Basics and Best Practices

  • Saying and Writing Complete Sentences
  • Using 4-squares for increased comprehension
  • Restate and Answer Questions (Say it/ Write it)
  • Introducing the RAC planner for SCRs
  • Introducing the RACES basic planner
  • How to Explain
  • Add the S - Sum it Up (or Conclusion sentence)
  • Go back and add more relevant evidence & explain it

Module 2: How to Get High Scoring Essays

  • Quick look at the rubric
  • Differences between high scoring and low scoring ECRs
  • Revising and Editing ECRs
  • Word Referents, Transitions, and Word Choice
  • Elaborating and Expanding Short Simple Sentences
  • Writing Conferences and Small Groups
  • Scoring Essays with Students
  • Integrating Reading and Writing in ALL subjects - Station Ideas!

Module 3: Revising Questions & Question Sort

  • Hands-on Revising Questions, Hands-on Revising ECRs, & Resources
  • Question Sort

*BONUS* Updates to Course!

  • Sample ECR Lesson
  • Reading Comprehension Small Group for Poetry

*BONUS* - ECR Types - Informational and Argumentative

  • What is an informational ECR? Examples of Informational ECRs, Fiction, Nonfiction, Fables, Drama, Poetry, Paired Passages, etc. and teaching ideas!
  • What is an argumentative ECR? Examples of Argumentative ECRs and teaching ideas!

*BONUS* - ECRs for Intervention and Online Accommodations

  • Online Accommodations
  • How to help Sped, RTI, 504, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and below grade level students with ECRs

*BONUS* - More on Revising, Editing, and New Question Types

  • Strategies for tackling revising questions and analyzing 4th, 7th, and H.S. questions
  • Introduction to the new STAAR question types
  • Editing Questions, Strategies, and Resources


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