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Benefits of Small Groups

Research shows that teachers are able to observe students as they are learning and modify instruction, clarify misconceptions, and discuss material to meet the specific learning needs of each child in a small group. Each group receives high-quality reading instruction and children can be engaged in meaningful tasks that are related to their specific instructional levels.

With five or fewer children in a group, teachers can focus needed attention on individual children and make sure that each child has opportunities to participate. Additionally, small-group time enables children to have access to high quality interaction with their teachers.

You don’t really know what kids need until you work with them in small groups, so it equals results!

Learn HOW to create Small Groups!

I will show you exactly HOW to make small groups by looking at MAP and STAAR Data!

What do small groups look like?

What does whole group look like?

What do stations look like?

What do writing conferences look like?

Find out all the answers to these questions and more in this course!

Classroom Management 101

Learn the secret to running small groups, stations, and writing conferences effectively: Classroom Management! Having procedures in place and practicing them at the beginning of the year will set you up for success!

Plan Station Content!

Learn specific examples of what you can put in your stations each week! Examples will be given for each subject!

Goal Setting

Learn the power of Goal Setting with your students! Data shows they got it wrong, not why and how to fix it.

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